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    PDB 2uxc-2x20
    PDB 2x21-3c0y
    PDB 3c0z-3dix
    PDB 3diy-3f5w
    PDB 3f7j-3hqo
    PDB 3hqp-3l01
    PDB 3l0u-3oi5
    PDB 3oia-3r9b
    PDB 3rde-4e6k
    PDB 4edj-8gep

Potassium in PDB, part 22 (1051-1100), PDB files 3rde - 4e6k

Experimental structures of coordination spheres of Potassium (K) in bioorganic molecules from X-Ray and NMR experiments. Coordination spheres were calculated with 5.0 Angstroms radius around Potassium atoms.
PDB files 1051-1100 (3rde - 4e6k):
  1. 3rde - Crystal Structure Of the Catalytic Domain of Porcine Leukocyte 12- Lipoxygenase
  2. 3rj8 - Crystal Structure of Carbohydrate Oxidase From Microdochium Nivale
  3. 3ror - Crystal Structure Of C105S Mutant of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Methionine Aminopeptidase
  4. 3s3x - Structure of Chicken Acid-Sensing Ion Channel 1 At 3.0 A Resolution in Complex With Psalmotoxin
  5. 3sil - Sialidase From Salmonella Typhimurium
  6. 3srd - Human M2 Pyruvate Kinase in Complex With Fructose 1-6 Bisphosphate and Oxalate.
  7. 3srf - Human M1 Pyruvate Kinase
  8. 3srk - A New Class of Suicide Inhibitor Blocks Nucleotide Binding to Pyruvate Kinase
  9. 3stl - Kcsa Potassium Channel Mutant Y82C With Cadmium Bound
  10. 3stz - Kcsa Potassium Channel Mutant Y82C With Nitroxide Spin Label
  11. 3t86 - D(Gcatgct) + Calcium
  12. 3tlm - Crystal Structure of Endoplasmic Reticulum CA2+-Atpase (Serca) From Bovine Muscle
  13. 3unf - Mouse 20S Immunoproteasome in Complex With Pr-957
  14. 3unh - Mouse 20S Immunoproteasome
  15. 3ut9 - Crystal Structure of Nucleosome Core Particle Assembled With A Palindromic Widom '601' Derivative (Ncp-601L)
  16. 3v3z - I(L177)H Mutant Structure of Photosynthetic Reaction Center From Rhodobacter Sphaeroides
  17. 3v7q - Crystal Structure of B. Subtilis Ylxq At 1.55 A Resolution
  18. 3vbf - Crystal Structure of Formaldehyde Treated Human Enterovirus 71 (Space Group I23)
  19. 3vbh - Crystal Structure of Formaldehyde Treated Human Enterovirus 71 (Space Group R32)
  20. 3veh - Structure of A M. Tuberculosis Salicylate Synthase, Mbti, in Complex With An Inhibitor Methylamt
  21. 3vjf - Crystal Structure of De Novo 4-Helix Bundle Protein WA20
  22. 3vkp - Assimilatory Nitrite Reductase (NII3) - NO2 Complex From Tobbaco Leaf Analysed With Low X-Ray Dose
  23. 3vkq - Assimilatory Nitrite Reductase (NII3) - NO2 Complex From Tobbaco Leaf Analysed With Middle X-Ray Dose
  24. 3vkr - Assimilatory Nitrite Reductase (NII3) - NO2 Complex From Tobbaco Leaf Analysed With High X-Ray Dose
  25. 3vks - Assimilatory Nitrite Reductase (NII3) - No Complex From Tobbaco Leaf
  26. 3vkt - Assimilatory Nitrite Reductase (NII3) - NH2OH Complex From Tobbaco Leaf
  27. 3vrs - Crystal Structure of Fluoride Riboswitch, Soaked in MN2+
  28. 4a01 - Crystal Structure of the H-Translocating Pyrophosphatase
  29. 4a0m - Crystal Structure of Betaine Aldehyde Dehydrogenase From Spinach in Complex With Nad
  30. 4ae4 - The UBAP1 Subunit of Escrt-I Interacts With Ubiquitin Via A Novel Souba Domain
  31. 4aeb - Sam-I Riboswitch Containing the Kt-23 Kink Turn of T. Solenopsae in Complex With S-Adenosylmethionine
  32. 4aob - Sam-I Riboswitch Containing the T. Solenopsae Kt-23 in Complex With S-Adenosyl Methionine
  33. 4aop - Sulfite Reductase Hemoprotein Partially Photoreduced With Proflavine Edta, Phosphate Partially Bound
  34. 4aqy - Structure of Ribosome-Apramycin Complexes
  35. 4av6 - Crystal Structure of Thermotoga Maritima Sodium Pumping Membrane Integral Pyrophosphatase At 4 A in Complex With Phosphate and Magnesium
  36. 4aw7 - BPGH86A: A Beta-Porphyranase of Glycoside Hydrolase Family 86 From the Human Gut Bacterium Bacteroides Plebeius
  37. 4dd8 - Adam-8 Metalloproteinase Domain With Bound Batimastat
  38. 4dgr - Influenza Subtype 9 Neuraminidase Benzoic Acid Inhibitor Complex
  39. 4dgv - Structure of The Hepatitis C Virus Envelope Glycoprotein E2 Antigenic Region 412-423 Bound to the Broadly Neutralizing Antibody HCV1, P2(1) Form
  40. 4dii - X-Ray Structure Of The Complex Between Human Alpha Thrombin and Thrombin Binding Aptamer in the Presence of Potassium Ions
  41. 4dk9 - Crystal Structure of MBD4 Catalytic Domain Bound to Abasic Dna
  42. 4doo - Crystal Structure of Arabidopsis Thaliana Fatty-Acid Binding Protein AT3G63170 (ATFAP1)
  43. 4dur - Structure of Protease
  44. 4dxr - Human SUN2-KASH1 Complex
  45. 4dxs - Human SUN2-KASH2 Complex
  46. 4dxt - Human SUN2 (Aa 522-717)
  47. 4e0w - Crystal Structure of the Kainate Receptor GLUK3 Ligand Binding Domain in Complex With Kainate
  48. 4e2g - Crystal Structure of Cupin Fold Protein STHE2323 From Sphaerobacter Thermophilus
  49. 4e48 - Structure Of 20MER Double-Helical Rna Composed of Cug/Cug-Repeats
  50. 4e6k - 2.0 A Resolution Structure of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Bacterioferritin (Bfrb) in Complex With Bacterioferritin Associated Ferredoxin (Bfd)


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